Here’s a little tool that I’ve made for myself, primarily to learn about chord progressions. It’s a toy but it can be fun to play with.

  • Play the seven chords (degrees) belonging to a musical key with only one stroke on the keyboard and create your own chord progressions.
  • Change the musical key (and major/minor) whenever you want using key switches.
  • Add colour to the chords (seventh/nineth/dim/aug/…) using key switches.
  • Available for Scripter / Logic Pro X only.

Here’s a little intro video:

The video is embedded by Youtube and only loaded when you click the play button. The data protection regulations of Google apply.


By downloading this software you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA). Please read it carefully.


Copy the downloaded file SevenDegrees.pst to:

Macintosh HD/users/[yourUser]/music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Scripter

The next time you activate the Scripter Plugin for a midi track, SevenDegrees will appear as preset in the dropdown menu.

Known bugs:

– sure there will be some. Contact me whenever you want at