Download the instrument .bin and .ptn files and move them to

  • C:\Users(YourUser)\Documents\PulpoAudio\Tentacle (Windows)
  • /Users/(YourUser)/Documents/PulpoAudio/Tentacle (Mac).

For the very first time, you’ll have to create the folder manually.

Alternatively, start Tentacle in your DAW once without any instruments and it’ll create this folder automatically.
Pls refer also to the Tentacle manual, it contains a section about installation issues.

The .bin files are the actual instrument library files containing the samples and the instrument definition.
The .ptn files are the pattern files for the instrument. No .ptn file, no Pattern Editor/Player feature….

Please be sure to (re-)start Tentacle after you’ve installed the instrument files, otherwise the new instruments will not be shown in the library section.

Please note that the .bin files of the former (legacy) D’Pinga instruments are not compatible with Tentacle.